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肺 & 呼吸道护理

太阳城集团官网导航中心 provides comprehensive diagnostic 和 therapeutic services for patients with diseases affecting the lungs 和 breathing at both our 丹维尔 医院. To schedule an appointment or contact our team for further information, please call (317) 745-3486.


Those with a lung disease or disorder can experience difficulty breathing 和 may not be able to supply their body with the oxygen it needs. Our pulmonary 和 respiratory services are focused on providing testing, diagnosis 和 treatment for lung disease 和 disorders.

We treat patients with lung disease 和 diagnoses such as:

  • 哮喘
  • 支气管炎
  • 慢性阻塞性肺疾病(COPD)
  • 肺气肿
  • 肺纤维化
  • 肺动脉高压
  • 睡眠障碍
  • 其他肺部疾病


  • 动脉血气分析
  • 支气管镜检查*
  • 心肺运动测试*
  • 家庭氧气评估
  • 夜间氧饱和度睡眠研究
  • 肺功能测试*
  • 肺压力测试*
  • 肺量测定法


*Please note: These services are not offered in 所. They are offered at our 丹维尔 campus only, where care for a full range of pulmonary conditions is provided for those staying in the hospital, as well as patients in our 丹维尔 急诊科.


有经验的, registered respiratory therapists at 太阳城集团官网导航中心 work with our hospitalists 和 other medical specialists to care for hospitalized patients staying in the medical unit, 重症监护病房和其他医院区域. All of our respiratory therapists are certified in neonatal resuscitation (NRP) 和 provide support during every high-risk birth in the 太阳城集团官网导航中心 network, 包括我们 分娩中心. They are also certified in Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) 和 Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS).

Nominate an Outst和ing Respiratory Therapist for The 菲尔奖

太阳城集团官网导航中心 proudly presents The 菲尔奖 (肺 Health 和 Illnesses of the Lungs) to a respiratory therapist who has provided outst和ing care 和 treatment with pulmonary illnesses.



A comprehensive pulmonary rehabilitation program is available at our 丹维尔医院(主校区) 对于有肺病风险的病人, or who have experienced lung problems such as COPD, 肺气肿, 哮喘, 肺纤维化, primary pulmonary hypertension 和 long-term effects of COVID-19. 太阳城集团官网导航»

认证评估 & 奖


太阳城集团官网导航中心 has received Five-Star ratings from Healthgrades for the treatment of COPD, 肺栓塞, 呼吸衰竭. The team responsible for this achievement consistently provides high-quality, comprehensive pulmonary services 和 is led by physicians board certified in pulmonary medicine, 重症监护和睡眠医学.

Need to contact our pulmonary/respiratory team?